Message from the TC Chair

The scope of interests of the IEEE CSS Technical Committee (TC) on Automotive Control (AC) covers modeling, simulation, identification, estimation, control, optimization, and diagnostics of present and future automotive systems. Jessy Grizzle and Luigi Glielmo established the TC in 1999, and past chairs include Rajesh Rajamani (2003-2005), Ilya Kolmanovsky (2006-2008), Francesco Borrelli (2009-2011), and Stefano Di Cairano (2012-2014).  There are currently more than 150 members of the technical committee.

With significant participation from both academia and industry, the committee coordinates activities towards improving the understanding of challenges, problems, and effective methods of controlling automotive systems.  The TC has been very active in jointly organizing invited sessions at the American Control Conference with the ASME Automotive Transportation System TC, and invited sessions with the IFAC TC on Automotive Control at the European Control Conference.

In this regard, one of the missions of the IEEE CSS TC on AC is to strengthen ties and further collaborations between the TCs of IEEE, IFAC, and ASME in the automotive control field and to expand toward stronger and more synergistic activities between the three societies. 

As incoming Chair, I would like to express a debt of gratitude to previous chairs and mostly to Dr. Stefano Di Cairano for his active service and for continuing to help as Past Chair of the TC.  I would also like to thank all the active TC members for their enthusiasm and constant dedication.



Main Activities of the Technical Committee

Among the major activities of the IEEE CSS TC on Automotive Controls are:

  • the organization of invited sessions at major conferences such as American Control Conference, the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, and the European Control Conference. 
  • the organization of the next   "IEEE 2016 Workshop on Challenges and Open Problems in Automotive Control"‚Äč

Joining the Technical Committee on Automotive Control

To join the Technical Committee on Automotive Controls please email the current TC Chair:

Dr. Simona Onori,  sonori@clemson.edu