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2019 ACC: Call for Invited Papers for Automotive and Transportation Systems

IEEE CSS Technical Committee on Automotive Controls and the ASME DSCD Automotive and Transportation Systems Technical Committee invite contributors to submit a contribution to invited technical sessions at the 2019 American Control Conference

Papers are invited on original investigations related to the modeling, analysis, design, estimation, control and optimization with application to automotive and transportation systems

The deadline for submitting draft paper/extended abstract is Sep. 10, 2018 (email to DSC-ATS-Sessions@asu.edu). Please see details here.

2019 ACC: Call for Invited Papers for Energy Storage and Conversion Systems

The Energy Systems Technical Committee (ESTC) of the ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Division, and the IEEE Technical Committee on Automotive Controls (TCAC) and Smart Grids (TC-SG) of the IEEE Control Systems Society are organizing invited session(s) on “Energy Storage and Conversion Systems” at the 2019 American Control Conference.

Contributions are solicited in the area of “Energy Storage and Conversion Systems” with emphasis on modeling, estimation, control, diagnostics and optimization.

The draft paper or extended summary is due by September 12, 2018 and should be submitted via email to Satadru Dey (satadru.dey@ucdenver.edu), Scott Moura (smoura@berkeley.edu), Xinfan Lin (lxflin@ucdavis.edu), Dyche Anderson (Rander34@ford.com), Yasha Parvini (parvini@udmercy.edu), Hector Perez (heperez@berkeley.edu), and Youngki Kim (youngki@umich.edu).

Please see details here.

57th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Miami Beach, FL, USA, December 17-19, 2018

  1. Positive Invariant Sets for Safe Integrated Vehicle Motion Planning and Control, from Mitsubishi Electric Res. Labs.
  2. Parameter Space and Model Regulation Based Robust, Scalable and Replicable Lateral Control Design for Autonomous Vehicles, from The Ohio State University.
  3. Outcome Oriented Evaluation of Autonomous Driving Functions, from Johannes Kepler University.
  4. Two-Layer Model Predictive Battery Thermal and Energy Management Optimization for Connected and Automated Electric Vehicles, from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
  5. Vehicle Localization and Control on Roads with Prior Grade Map, from Unversity of California at Berkeley.
  6. Optimal Control of Autonomous Vehicles for Non-Stop Signalized Intersection Crossing, from Boston University.  
  • The workshop on “Traffic Flow Control via PDE Techniques” (see http://users.isc.tuc.gr/~nlimperis/Workshop_CDC_2018.html for details) will take place within CDC 2018 (https://cdc2018.ieeecss.org/workshops.php), on Sunday, December 16, 2018, at Miami Beach, FL, USA.
      The workshop will cover the subjects of (vehicular) traffic flow control and estimation as well as traffic flow dynamics modeling for control and estimation, with particular emphasis on PDE-based techniques. Both methodological and practical aspects will be addressed. 

    Registration is available at a rate of 170 USD via https://cdc2018.ieeecss.org/registration.php (for logistic reasons we kindly ask you to register as early as possible).

Recent Publications

Antonella Ferrara, Simona Sacone, and Silvia Siri, published their book titled "Freeway Traffic Modelling and Control"  as part of the Springer series on Advances in Industrial Control.  

You can find more details at the following link:

Recent Event

  • Thursday June 28th, 2018 IEEE Automotive Controls TC Bi-annual Meeting at the American Controls Conference.  7:30am Walker Room Hilton, Milwaukee WI.

  • Invited sessions at the 2018 American Controls Conference: The TC has collaborated with the ASME Automotive and Transportation Systems TC to the organization of 8 invited session at the 2018 American Control Conference:

  1. WeA01 Invited Session, 10am 101A Control of Engine Exhaust and Aftertreatment Systems
  2. WeB01 Invited Session, 1:30pm 101A Energy/Fuel Efficient Powertrains
  3. WeC01 Invited Session, 4pm 101A Advanced Control of Internal Combustion Engines
  4. WeC19 Invited Session, 4pm 203C Estimation and Control of Batteries
  5. ThA01 Invited Session, 10am 101A Control of Engine Breathing: Advances in Control of the Air-Path for  Internal Combustion Engines
  6. ThB02 Invited Session, 1:30pm 101B Vehicle Dynamics Estimation and Control
  7. FrA02 Invited Session, 1:30pm 101B Avoidance and Accident Mitigation Systems for Ground Vehicles
  8. FrB02 Invited Session, 1:30pm 101B Efficient and Resilient Control of Connected Vehicles
  • Sunday, Dec. 11, 2016  2016 Workshop on Open Problems and Challenges in Automotive Control),  8am-17:30pm, @Aria Resort Casino, Las Vegas, NV  

  • Monday, Dec. 12, 2016 Join us our Invited Session on "Advanced Vehicle Control Technology" at the 55th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control

  • Wednesday July 15 and Thursday July 16, 2015: Please join us at the Invited Sessions on "Control and Optimization for Automotive Application" and "Modeling and Simulation for Automotive Application" at the European Control Conference, Linz, Austria. These sessions are co-organized with the IFAC AC-TC 
  • June 2015: The TC has collaborated with the ASME Automotive and Transportation Systems TC to the organization of 3 invited session at the 2015 American Control Conference, Chicago, IL.